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What in the world is VAD?

A "Virtual Accounting Department"...VAD. Our superhero can lift the burden of bookkeeping/accounting from your shoulders and give you the freedom to work "on" your company, instead of "in". Shed those ugly chores of recording, assembling and spreadsheet reporting forever. Your Virtual Accounting Department will work in the Cloud, managing your accounting function easier than you can possibly imagine.

What is Accounting in the Cloud?

The Cloud, or more precisely Cloud Computing, is simply the delivery of computing services the way a utility delivers your electricity: Through a network, a grid. That grid happens to be the internet. Services available are eventually going to be very similar to those for which you now purchase products or employee labor. You no longer need to buy software or hire employees to do your bookkeeping/accounting. FreedomFromAccounting will put VAD to work helping immediately.

What accounting services can VAD do?

You may be used to purchasing an item for your office, bringing the receipt back to the office, recording the purchase and then turning all of this into an accounting firm quarterly/annually. If you are fortunate, the results of these transactions are report ready several months after year end. Often, they are useful only for IRS compliance purposes.

VAD will not only show you how to rein in the power of the internet to eliminate many of these steps, but a qualified accountant/bookkeeper will guide these transactions into your books automatically, electronically. Then, at month's end, each month, all appropriate accounts are reconciled and adjusted to actual.

What use is this "virtual" reporting information?

Not only does it eliminate extra steps, but VAD delivers you closed financial statements read by the 25th of the month following. Every month, month in, month our. And they are formatted and checked by a qualified accountant/bookkeeper with years of experience. You will be able to watch the performance of your company, guiding your operation with real-time data.

What about the IRS?

The financial statements delivered to you each month are books guaranteed ready for tax returns at year end. The qualified accountant/bookkeepers know exactly how to tax preparers need records arranged to insure the best quality reporting to the IRS and state Departments of Revenue. Ask about our CPA testimonials!

Why do you say VAD is safer?

If you check the news lately, employee embezzlement and theft of funds is nearly at an all time high. When VAD is in place, we do not have access to any of your funds and no possibility of defalcation of funds exists. You can rest easy that you are the only one with keys to the accounts. VAD is like a superhero accounting department. And, the safety with Payroll will make you question all other applications!

What good does this all me?

Internationally secure servers (QuickBooks Online Edition™ and Nuance™) put your accounting records within your reach 24/7 from anywhere in the world, instantly. Safe, secure, fast. You can be on vacation and check your records at the beach. You can be on golf course with a client and write an invoice immediately. You can turn your attention to your company, instead of laboring over bookkeeping chores.

Can't you change my oil, too?

Well, we checked with VAD man and he doesn't want to get his uniform dirty. Sorry. But, ask us about any kind of additional accounting service and Freedom Accounting can probably deliver.