About Us

Renice Lystra

When it comes to experience, few can rival Renice Lystra. With over 25 years of experience as a company controller, CFO and financial manager in a CPA firm, there aren’t many who understand the inner workings of the industry as well as she does. Renice is an expert in software integrations using industry software that works with QuickBooks online. The developers of QuickBooks, a business and financial software company by the name of Intuit, have awarded Renice the prestigious QuickBooks ProAdvisor ranking, a title given only to its most exceptional advisors.

After growing more and more frustrated by the slow processes made over the years within the accounting industry, Renice and her team have devised a customized system designed with fast-paced entrepreneurs in mind. Their revolutionary business coaching program delivers high quality coaching that marries your unique approach to business with what really matters – the numbers.

As somebody who specializes in budgeting, Renice has the knowledge necessary to determine how to help with day to day cashflow. Her background in financial statement preparation under a CPA firm means that she knows exactly what information your CPA will need in order to minimize your end-of-year costs and keep you safe in front of the IRS.

Not only does Renice have the ability necessary to deliver seamless results but she also has decades of experience, not just within the accounting industry, but in several industries across the board. The depth of Renice’s experience means that she knows that everybody approaches business differently, and thus, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with Renice. Unlike so many others in the industry, Renice’s program guarantees a tailor-made approach, ensuring that your business continues to flourish and grow in ways that you could never have imagined.

Heather Rodriguez

As a payroll and sales taxation specialist, Heather Rodriguez brings over 15 years of accounting experience to the table. During this time, she honed her skills and gained valuable experience at delivering a high quality, personalized service to clients.

Having operated and worked in several small businesses, Heather’s expertise extends to business start-ups, owner-managed businesses and small to medium-sized companies across a broad spectrum of different fields. She strives to assist small businesses in realizing their full potential and effectively working towards their long term goals.

Heather’s areas of expertise lie in establishing and maintaining virtual bill pay applications and setting up internal financial processes in a multitude of industries. Heather not only boasts a degree in Business and Economics, but she has also completed the qualifications necessary to acquire the Quickbooks ProAdvisor ranking from Intuit.

Using her forward-thinking and client-focused approach, Heather will steer your business in the direction in which it should move in order to surpass even your most ambitious business goals.