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Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Strategy

At FreedomFromAccounting, we believe that the power of numbers and knowledge is the path to freedom and profit. Each financial statement tells a story—we’re here to help you interpret it and write your next chapter.

5 Steps to Making Business Decisions

As small business owners, we often struggle to make decisions. Here's 5 steps we've found that can help with making decisions.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for Small Business

Build a More Scalable & Profitable Business

Navigate business decisions confidently with our tried-and-true approach to accounting systems.

Whether you’re rapidly growing or changing and need to understand your financial picture quickly, FreedomFromAccounting can help level up your performance.


Our Clients

We'll Deliver Excellence in Accounting, Tax Planning & Reporting

At FreedomFromAccounting, we believe in the power of numbers and the freedom in knowledge. Our mission is to help businesses thrive with sustainable accounting solutions.


Liberate yourself from bookkeeping with a system tailored to your unique business activities.


Make taxes a breeze and stay audit-ready with an accounting system optimized for your business.


Receive timely Profit & Loss reports.


Hands-on learning experience provided in a classroom setting by QuickBooks ProAdvisors.


Go beyond the books and uncover your true potential with customized business coaching tailored with your personality in mind.

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What Makes Us Stand Out

Personalized Approach

We establish an accounting system that integrates smoothly with your business activities.

Mentorship, Not Micromanagement

We take a hands-off approach to help clients develop accounting practices that fit their business.

Actionable Insights

We partner with clients to help deepen their understanding of their company’s financials.

Real - Time Access

Our clients maintain full control over their accounts and business decisions.

turning numbers into business growth.

Focus on your business, we'll deliver lowered taxes & pristine accounting

Go beyond standard accounting with a partner invested in your business success.

Bookkeeping, Tax Planning & Coaching to Grow

Our clients have a growth mindset, which is why we deliver insightful and productive advice that goes beyond the financial statement. Whatever type of company you are, FreedomFromAccounting offers various accounting services to support your success.

Profitability, Personalized.

Make Better Decisions with Accurate Reporting

For small business owners, financial decisions are personal. At FreedomFromAccounting, we see the people behind the numbers and fit each client with an accounting system that works for them.

Together, we can maximize profitability for your business.

Accounting, The Way You Need It.

Our Services Empower You To Focus & Run a Better Business

Looking for a financial partner rather than just an accounting firm? FreedomFromAccounting offers diverse services to help your business at every stage.

Accounting Backup & Cleanup

Bookkeeping Services

Business Coaching

Payroll Services

Quickbooks Training

Sales Tax Compliance

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This is one of the best teams in town. Professional, detailed and timely, they get the desired results year after year.

Chuck Klee


These guys saved me so much money in the long run. So glad I found them....communication was fantastic, always keeping me informed, every step of the way. Friendly staff and wiling to help in every way.

Luke Stoten


It is a tremendous pleasure to work with freedom from accounting. Unlike others in this space who simply prepare your tax return and tell you what you owe or get back, Freedom From Accounting takes the time to get to know you and provide tailored advice to help you pay less in taxes. Thank you for always watching out for me and my clients.

Alex Carracedo

Envision Retirement

Freedom From Accounting is a major component to our successful business model and a prized professional association to Copper-Stón restoration and development, LLC.

Jerry Benson


In addition to all of the daily work they do for us, the ongoing guidance I have received from Renice in our bi-annual check in meetings have been invaluable! Her knowledge of small business, and how to maximize the potential in your field is irreplaceable.

Melissa J Seil-Butler

Divinity of Eve LLC/DBA ZenLife Center for Healing

Freedom From Accounting is always there for us. Whether it is technical help with QuickBooks online when I need it, seamlessly processing payroll or closing our books each month. They have been a trusted partner in my small business for years!

Marc Garrard

Pool Tile Doctor, LLC

FreedomFromAccounting helped me start my first small business in pet photography at 8 years old!

Max Rodriguez


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Join the league of businesses that have leveraged our expertise for their everyday bookkeeping and accounting needs.