Accounting Backup-Cleanup | Phoenix AZ

Restore Order to Your Finances.

We set the industry standard in accounting backup and cleanup, right here in Phoenix.

Accounting Backup-Cleanup | Phoenix AZ

Do You Know Where Your Financial Data Stands?

Get Financial Clarity, Here and Now.

With clean and secure financials, make business decisions with full confidence.

who we are | your partners at growth

What Makes Us Stand Out

Personalized Approach

We establish an accounting system that integrates smoothly with your business activities.

Mentorship, Not Micromanagement

We take a hands-off approach to help clients develop accounting practices that fit their business.

Actionable Insights

We partner with clients to help deepen their understanding of their company’s financials.

Real - Time Access

Our clients maintain full control over their accounts and business decisions.

Accounting Backup-Cleanup | Phoenix AZ

Meticulous Backup, Comprehensive Cleanup.

End-to-End Backup and Cleanup Services.

Don't underestimate the power of accurate, clean, and secure accounting. Make the switch today.

who we are | your partners at growth

What We Value:

We empower you to own your financial narrative by providing transparent advice, expert craftsmanship, and deep business knowledge. Your success, simply put, is our highest value.


Our clients are fully autonomous and own all their financial data.


It’s our promise to be transparent and practical even when delivering tough truths.


Business is an art form we encourage all clients to explore.


We empower clients to think deeply about their business strategies.

Customized Accounting & Advisory Services to Fit Your Business Needs

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Monthly Accounting
Free QuickBooks Support
Books Closed Monthly
Profit & Loss Report Sent Each Month
Annual Books Closed by Feb. 1/year
Payroll & Sales Tax Services
Accounts Receivables Support
Customized Coaching & Budgeting
Personality Assessment

Explore Our Full Range of Services

At FreedomFromAccounting, we believe in the power of numbers and the freedom in knowledge. Our mission is to help businesses thrive with sustainable accounting solutions.


Liberate yourself from bookkeeping with a system tailored to your unique business activities.


Make taxes a breeze and stay audit-ready with an accounting system optimized for your business.


Receive timely Profit & Loss reports.


Hands-on learning experience provided in a classroom setting by QuickBooks ProAdvisors.


Go beyond the books and uncover your true potential with customized business coaching tailored with your personality in mind.

Accounting Backup-Cleanup | Phoenix AZ

Secure, Clean, & Accurate—That's How We Roll.

Secure Backup and Cleanup Solutions for Business Owners.

Why wrestle with your books when you can have them professionally cleaned and backed up? We're more than bookkeepers; we're your financial peace of mind.

Accounting Backup-Cleanup | Phoenix AZ

Are Your Books Meeting Business Standards?

Phoenix's #1 Choice for Ensuring Financial Integrity & Compliance.

If your accounting records are disorganized or outdated, it's more than just a hassle—it's a liability. We bring your Phoenix business back in line with industry standards, helping you make informed decisions for a brighter financial future.

Accounting Backup-Cleanup | Phoenix AZ

Restoring Financial Order, One Ledger at a Time.

Phoenix's Trusted Name in Accounting Backup & Cleanup.

Imagine navigating a maze with a blurry map—that's your business running on disorganized accounting.

FreedomFromAccounting transforms that maze into a straight path.

We meticulously clean up your books and create reliable backups, setting the foundation for accurate decision-making.

Unlike a typical CPA, our integrated outsourced accounting model offers a more hands-on, tailored approach.

Ready for clearer financial insights and a cleaner balance sheet for your Phoenix business?

Schedule a business accounting analysis consultation with us today.

Accounting, The Way You Need It.

Our Services, Your Success

Looking for a financial partner rather than just an accounting firm? FreedomFromAccounting offers diverse services to help your business at every stage.

Quickbooks Training

Business Coaching

Sales Tax Compliance

Accounting Backup & Cleanup

Payroll Services

Bookkeeping Services


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How do I sign up for FreedomFromAccounting?

Take a minute to review our website and get to know our values. If we sound like a good fit, complete the form on our Contact Us page. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to schedule a call to discuss your accounting needs.

Will FreedomFromAccounting file my taxes for me?

While we are an accounting firm, we partner with FreedomTax to take care of your tax filings. Our excellent systems provide year end financial statements by February 15th each year to assure tax return filing on time with no extension!

I already have a bookeeper. Is FreedomFromAccounting still for me?

Absolutely! FreedomFromAccounting will benefit your business by supporting your bookkeeper and CPA. We will work with your bookkeeper to ensure your financial systems are accurate. We will also guarantee tax ready financial statements to your CPA for year end.

How do I know if FreedomFromAccounting is right for my business?

Our services are designed to serve any business looking to maximize profitability through accounting-based strategies. At FreedomFromAccounting, we seek partnerships with clients of shared values in learning and stewardship. With our extensive experience and knowledge, you can expect exceptional accounting services tailored to your needs.

FreedomFromAccounting is accepting clients across multiple industries and multiple states with annual sales of $200,000+.

Still have questions?

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Find Your Freedom

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